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Creating the 5th Element

The 5th Element is like a baby of mine, a rebirth of my music and a big sigh of relief. After releasing LOA, which went to to gain more than 80k views on YouTube and over 20k streams online, as an independent artist who just recently left an independent label, it was a great sigh of relief. Although things were going well with "LOA", upon listening to my discography I noticed that most of my songs that were out on streaming platforms were from my last album "7 o'clock", which was distributed by the previous record label I was signed to. I did not like this, as I believe I could have much more quality content out there. I went to work!! I called on Tizstar, Shocker beat, Mystylez, MirionthBeat & Gamz, with so much talent on deck, the foundation was set, each producer delivered with unique beats filled with African influences. I give myself a little pat on the back as I produced the introductory track "SuperFly". Superfly is a track I love, it was initially created a year prior to the release of my album "The 5th Element" a dj actually requested it before its release, filled with a nice gentle flow, cool relaxing vibe, "SuperFly" was the best way to start this album, plus ain't we all SuperFly?. I'll stop here for now, being my first blog, I thought I keep it short and simple, make sure to drop back next week Monday as I tell you how we created some of the notable tracks in the album including "TickTok", "Blow MY Mind", "Tonight", "For The Night" and many more.

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