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``Alhamdulilah”' is my latest single, a track which is inspired by a story i was told in Nigeria. Recruiting the support of Dayo Chino, prominently known for the track “Pum Pum '' added to the artist line-up, are Boyodre and Milly Sushi, two rising talents in the afrobeats scene. With The three unique styles coming together to give this track so much sauce and life it is something of beauty to hear. The track starts off with the gritty verse of Dayo chino, giving us that raw but yet capsulating energetic afro rap, which is then followed by a verse from me, before Milly Sushi comes in to put the final stamp with that unmissable Lagos sound. Alhamdulilah is a track you would play in any giving situation, either a club, a birthday or even a wedding due to the energy it gives, it is so unmatched!! Alhamdulilah itself means praise be to Allah, which in my definition means to be thankful as i believe in all we do in life we must always remember to stay thankful.

Out this Friday 25/03/2022

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